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Over the years we've learned a lot about Oracle products, about consulting, and about working in fast paced environments. One of the most important things shared. We believe in helping our community of DBAs why we publish our presentations, give away scripts, publish a monthly newsletter, and host regular DBA roundtable meetings.

Handy Free Scripts

If you are a DBA, you know the difference a good bag of tools and scripts can make over the years we've developed a wide array of database administration scripts and tools, and some of them are available for free download in our site.

The Specialist

The Specialist is our monthly newsletter that contains valuable technical information for Oracle users, notices of upcoming events, and the latest news on happenings at Database Specialists.

From information on installing 8i on Linux, to revealing many of the mysteries in the Oracle database, The Specialist contains database news you can use. Subscribe to The Specialist and read back issues here.

DBA Roundtable

Finally, we host a monthly DBA Roundtable for members of the Database Specialists team. At these roundtables we compare notes about new technologies, share solutions to challenging problems we've faced, show off new tools we've created and generally geek out.

We approach our work as a team: each and every one of us has the collective knowledge and experience of all of Database Specialists at our disposal. This approach is a great benefit for our team members and our clients.

Grow Your Career

Take charge of your career: join Database Specialists. Work on challenging, rewarding Oracle database projects that develop new skills and maximize your existing ones.

Thrive within a team environment that sets individual career goals and fosters a community of technical experts. If you are ready to take your career to new heights, contact us; we're waiting to hear from you.