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TechMagix offers comprehensive business and technology solutions that allow financial services enterprises to create new business models, enhance competitive advantage, and implement efficient ways to transact business.

In a highly regulated and competitive market, banks need every advantage to exceed customer expectations and differentiate. It is no longer enough to offer simple and automated Banking services


TechMagix proven experience in developing and integrating solutions in advanced telecommunications and OSS systems is producing results. We are helping all parts of the telecommunication industry (from Service Providers to Equipment Manufactures) to capitalize on new market and technology opportunities.

Addressing all sectors of the industry, TechMagix Telecom industry practice delivers a wide range of solutions.

Health Care

TechMagix solution enable healthcare providers to accelerate cash collections, increase revenue, reduce bad debt expense, convert fixed costs to variable costs, and ultimately enhance patient satisfaction.

In addition, outsourcing allows healthcare providers to reduce costs and improve quality. It also eliminate costs associated with staff recruitment and turnover, and can reduce costs for physical space.

Retail / Manufacturing

TechMagix supply chain offerings help organizations manage information across the supply chain efficiently, resulting in the optimization of resources, reduced inventory levels, and improved customer service.

TechMagix has been working with early adopters and leading the industry, delivering real-world solutions for customers at all points along the supply chain, from manufacturing to distribution to retail.

Public Sector

TechMagix contracts and services provide streamlined technology purchasing for government. These contracts and services cover a wide variety of information technology products and services including:

  • Cooperativ?e Contracts Hardware, software, staffing services, maintenance, managed services, technology training, DBITS, and other products/services with high customer demand
  • Data Center Services Mainframe, server, network, data center, and print/mail services
  • Information Security Products and services to assure the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of information assets
  • Telecom CCTS telephone, TEX-AN voice and data services, plus wireless, conferencing, and managed services
  • Payment processing, custom app development, technology and operations, customer service, marketing, and more